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Demo Demo Demo - Add a Virtual or Home Demo to your Marketing Mix !

Does your company sell products that require a product demonstration? Either before or after purchases?

If the answer is YES please read on!

Several products require consumers and business buyers to be convinced before they buy

And there are usually many questions and doubts best clarified through a one-on-one discussion

We often go to a mall and are greeted by ‘In-Store Promoters’. Their role is to help us take a decision.

As a brand seeking to get customers in a competitive world, you could benefit from the services from

We can help conduct product demonstrations to your potential buyers as well your existing customers

1. Live One to One Virtual Product Demonstrations

2. Live events on your social media and website for customers to be able to understand your product features and use better and to take real time decisions on making a purchase

3. Live events in future on the various online marketplaces that may enable live commerce

4. Connecting influencers with your target audience on your website for real time streaming and engagement

5. Connecting your company with your retailers and distributors to hold new product launches via live video product demonstrations

6. Connecting your retail sales team in your stores to customers in the neighbourhood who intend to visit your store to make a purchase

7. Home or office visits to conduct product demonstrations to prospects or to showcase new products to your existing customers

8. Taking live orders on whatsapp, phone and web in response to the live product demonstrations being done

To know more about how and to have a discussion to share ideas please do contact us or write to

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