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How farm equipment manufacturers can use doorstep demo to enhance their farmer engagement

Farm equipment can be complicated in terms of installation, general care and troubleshooting

As a farm equipment brand your prospects and customers are literally far away and usually spread across large geographical areas

Doorstep demo or service from Kankei group ( can help farm equipment manufacturers improve farmer engagement and customer care and make it more efficient

How does it work?

The farm equipment manufacturer needs to set up a demo center with all their products placed at the doorstep demo studios

Farmers who need any assistance via video demo will be provided a link to visit the virtual demo center

The demo center has options for live demos and troubleshooting as well as canned content

Through a continuous intelligence gathering process several problems are anticipated and content presented in a prioritized fashion

Farmers can ask the live representative for advice and the representative can show the farmer the equipment and guide the farmer in the right direction

in the future metaverse solutions can be developed for sales and technical staff to be able to activate during their visits to farms and prospects thereby supplementing their efforts and giving the customer an opportunity to make better informed decisions about the products they plan to buy

To know more about the step demo for farms and farming equipment please contact us via WhatsApp on +91 9324 74 7575 or e-mail

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