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There's a New Service In Town and You are Going to Like it

Dear Marketer, Brand Owner, Business Head, Sales Head and Service Head

After a lot of hard work and thinking, my creators have now launched me into the business world

I am particularly created to support the huge growing D2C business opportunity for brands.

Even though my main work is for the sales and marketing functions , I am also good at supporting the after sales , service and customer retention functions of brands that aim to lead in the Direct to Consumer business

As a brand, you may have embarked on your ecommerce journey. But it's just a start. You will soon find it to be challenging to continue to get new customers at the same pace and the same cost of acquisition than you are used to. It's no secret that competition is coming from all sides. Including many start ups brands that are nimble and built for ecommerce

My main objective is to help with higher levels of customer engagement. Both, at the prospect stage as well as after purchase stage . And to be able to link various resources that your brand may have at its command to be able to sell better

I work in a very simple way. I provide you with a service to conduct live commerce via the following channels

  1. Live One to One Virtual Product Demonstrations

  2. Live events on your social media and website for customers to be able to understand your product features and use better and to take real time decisions on making a purchase

  3. Live events in future on the various online marketplaces that may enable live commerce

  4. Connecting influencers with your target audience on your website for real time streaming and engagement

  5. Connecting your company with your retailers and distributors to hold new product launches via live video product demonstrations

  6. Connecting your retail sales team in your stores to customers in the neighbourhood who intend to visit your store to make a purchase

  7. Home or office visits to conduct product demonstrations to prospects or to showcase new products to your existing customers

  8. Taking live orders on whatsapp, phone and web in response to the live product demonstrations being done

To know more about how I can work with you to build your Direct to Consumer business using Live Commerce and Video Interaction please do visit

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can explain what I do . At no obligation . At worst you will get a few new ideas !

So do write back to


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