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Live commerce for sales and marketing

Over three decades ago, tele-shopping, direct mail, catalog shopping and telemarketing were the main D2C business channels. And then came the Internet and with it came Amazon and brand ecommerce. And now online and D2C is virtually everywhere.

As businesses expand in the use of ecommerce and online, they are entering a very competitive, dynamic and often hostile business environment. With competitors - small and big constantly nibbling at each others businesses.

Ring fencing best customers and targeting profitable prospects is going to be a very important part of successful business.

Digital marketers can look at live commerce to be added to their customer outreach and engagement initiatives.

Having a real time visual interaction with prospects in a customized fashion can help the brand get the attention of it’s prospects and existing customers.

Some of the initiatives digital marketers can consider are :

1. Live streaming of product launches, product demos and product use by consumers and influencers

2. One-on-One virtual product demonstration with prospective customers

3. integration of chat bot with serving of relevant video content to prospects and customers

4. Face-to-Face interaction with consumers at their homes or offices

Live product demos can extend from your prospects to existing customers, employees, retailers and influencers.

For example if you are a medical device company launching a new variant you could hold one on one virtual product demonstrations with health care professionals. Not only with prospects but also your sales teams and buying influencers e.g. hospital administrators.

Live product demos usually using virtual channels adds a new dimension to your marketing media mix. One that can be filled with creativity and customization.

As a digital marketer you may want to consider services of a live product demo services provider who can enable live commerce for you

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